Wildwoodz Cabins are wooden cabins in woodland with decor to enhance that vibe. They are insulated, comfortable and clean. Off grid camping is about the ‘getting away from it all’ experience and being present in nature.

Each cabin has beds with mattresses, woodburning stove for warmth, a camping stove and kettle for heating water. Mugs, crockery, cutlery,small frying pan and sauce pan, a fire pit and seating.

Willow Cabin is our dog friendly cabin complete with dog bed and water bowl, it sleeps up to four humans with one double and two single beds.
Rowan Cabin Sleeps up to 4 people with one double and two single.
Birch Cabin sleeps up to 4 people with one double, two singles and table and chairs.
Elder Cabin Sleeps up to 4 people with one double, two singles and table and chairs.

Wildwoodz cabins are NOT glamping pods they are off grid camping.


Wildwoodz Cabins are off-grid meaning there is no running water for flushing toilets so our toilet block is also off-grid. Ingeniously designed composting toilets are no-impact facilities with little difference to what you have at home.

You can shower – each cabin has a private showering area behind the cabin. You heat the water yourself and carry it out to your shower (basically a bucket with a shower attachment!). It’s incredibly liberating and something you must do at least once in your life.

Please Note. Off-grid means not using chemicals which are harmful to the environment so you can only use environmentally friendly soaps and shampoos.

Wildwoodz cabins and facilities was partly funded by